Lil Nas X has perfect response to YouTube channel being hacked

Lil Nas X alongside YouTube play button logoInstagram: LilNasX/YouTube

Fans of rapper Lil Nas X were left a bit surprised as his YouTube channel was hacked and uploaded an unusual video, but the Montero was pretty chill about it all.

If you’ve been around the internet for long enough, you’ve probably had an account or two taken over by a troll for at least a little bit. You may have gotten it back, you may have not – it’s a bit luck of the draw in some cases.

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However, when you’re a celebrity, it can be pretty easy to get your account back, but it brings increased attention when you’ve been hacked. As we’ve seen countless times, Twitter and YouTube accounts of famous faces are popular targets, with many claiming to give away free game consoles and different bits of cryptocurrency.

In the case of Lil Nas X, the Montero rapper had his YouTube channel taken over for a brief moment on August 11, but he wasn’t as worked up as some of his fans.

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Lil Nas X YouTube channel got hacked

That’s right, if you tried to get your fix of the Old Town Road rapper from YouTube on August 11, you may have noticed some unusual posts on his channel.

The main one that caught fans’ attention was a meme of Russian president Vladimir Putin walking around while being supersized across the screen. While fans raised a few eyebrows, Lil Nas X wasn’t too worried.

“Funny enough, this looks like something I would post so my fans probably didn’t know the difference,” he tweeted after it was brought to his attention.

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As has been the case with some other trolls, Lil Nas X’s channel name was also briefly changed to MicroStrategy, but if you look it up now, you’ll see that it has been reverted to Montero.

The mischievous posts have since been removed as it appears the rapper, or more likely his team, has regained control of the YouTube page.

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