Lil Huddy reveals his own limited Burger King meal

Chase Hudson next to his Burger King mealInstagram: lilhuddy

TikTok star Lil Huddy, real name Chase Hudson, has revealed that he’ll be getting his own meal at Burger King for a limited time as part of the ‘Keep it Real Meals’ campaign.

Chase Hudson first became a popular figure on TikTok, and he currently has over 30 million followers on the platform alone.

However, the 19-year-old has also cemented himself as an artist in the music industry, releasing several tracks under the name Lil Huddy, like ‘America’s Sweetheart’ and his most recent release ‘Don’t Freak Out.’

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Big chains are constantly looking to partner up with online influencers, with Charli’s huge collab with Dunkin’ Donuts being a prime example, and Chase is the latest to join the club with his new meal at Burger King.

Chase Hudson poses for a pictureInstagram: lilhuddy
Chase is a hugely popular star on TikTok.

This is all part of the ‘Keep it Real Meals’ campaign, which includes meals from several different artists: Lil Huddy, Nelly, and Anitta.

According to The Takeout, the Chase Hudson meal is “a Spicy Ch’King with cheese, served with four-piece mozzarella sticks and a 16-ounce chocolate shake.”

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In a series of Instagram stories revealing the meal, Hudson wrote: “It’s so good, you have no idea,” adding, “how gorgeous is this meal?”

Lil Huddy posted about his Burger King meal on his Instagram story

The campaign comes as part of Burger King’s commitment to cut more than 120 artificial ingredients from their menu.

Fans were naturally delighted by the news, saying that the meal “looks so good,” with many happy to see the young star doing such a big collab. However, others echoed one commenter’s thoughts that “no one needs their own meal at restaurants.”

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Regardless, it seems there are still plenty of people who want to give the meal a try when it releases in participating stores on September 12.

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