“Lice Hall” – TikToker who stole Bryce Hall’s hat claims he has lice

Bryce Hall/AJ_Stefano

TikToker ‘aj_stefano,’ who stole one of Bryce Hall’s hats, claimed he got a “severe” case of head lice after wearing the baseball cap around for a few days.

Social media star Bryce Hall moved to San Diego in May of 2021 and didn’t receive the warmest welcome when he showed up at an SDSU frat party.

Hall claims he was “harassed” by the frat members during the party, with one of them even stealing the hat right off of his head. The incident was apparently enough to make the San Diego local news, as you can see in the clip below, and lead the influencer to press charges against the fraternity.

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Where this story gets interesting is the person who ended up with Bryce’s hat claims he got head lice from wearing it.

Just a couple of days after that news story aired, a TikTok user by the name of aj_stefano, who also posted video of stealing Bryce’s hat at the frat party, made an upload where he said his head started itching after wearing his prize.

“I guess this is sort of karma, but ever since I’ve been wearing Garden Gnome’s [Bryce Hall] hat my head’s been super itchy,” Stefano explained, while wearing what looks like a black trash bag on his head. “I just got back from the doctor, and I guess I have a severe case of lice. So… thanks a lot, Lice Hall.”

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Other than his TikToks showing him rocking his plunder around town, and the admittedly hilarious nickname “Lice Hall,” there’s really not much backing up Stefano’s claim that Bryce was the reason he ended up with lice.

Despite the funny claim, it is a bit hard to believe that Bryce Hall, who has over 7 million Instagram followers and makes his living on camera, would let a lice infestation on his head slide without treating it. So even though karma seems to have reared its head in this case, he now has to worry about the name “Lice Hall” catching on.

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Dexerto has reached out to Hall for a comment regarding the claims against him.

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