Lele Pons explains how she deals with haters on her YouTube videos

. 2 years ago
YouTube: Jeff Wittek

Popular YouTuber Eleonora ‘Lele’ Pons Maronese has publicly addressed her haters and negativity on her sketches, as she visited Jeff Wittek’s ‘Barber Shop’ on January 31. 

The Venezuelan-born internet personality originally made her name on Vine, prior to the site’s closure back in 2016. Since then she has branched out onto YouTube, creating comedy sketches and other content for her 15 million subscribers. 

She has also amassed an incredible Instagram following, sitting at 38.8 million followers at the time of writing. However, alongside her substantial social following, she has also struggled with negativity and vitriol on some of her videos. 

Lele Pons and Jeff Wittek join for Barber SHop segment
Instagram: Lele Pons
The pair teamed up for the most recent installment of Wittek’s YouTube series.

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The majority of her YouTube videos are hit with thousands of dislikes (alongside the likes from her regular audience), and she has been embroiled in a number of controversies over the last few years. 

On January 31, she joined professional barber Jeff Wittek for a segment on his YouTube channel, in which he cuts celebrities’ hair as he conducts an interview with them.

Among other topics, the pair discussed the hate Pons often receives from the online community. “There’s a lot of people on the internet that make videos picking apart your content,” Wittek said. “How do you deal with the hate?” 

“Therapy. Yeah I get a lot of hate,” acknowledged the 23-year-old. “For the kids that are getting hate, I like to be an example [for them].”

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“If they’re like “wow, she gets so much hate but look how good she’s doing”,” Pons continued. “So, the more hate, the more I inspire other kids who are getting hate to be stronger.” 

The Venezuelan also stated that she does not watch the videos made about her, explaining that they would affect her mood and therefore her content. 

Regardless of the opinion people hold of Pons, she appears to be maintaining a strong attitude in the face of the negativity she receives.  

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It is the latest success in Wittek’s segment, which has been widely praised as humanizing a number of celebrities in a way they are rarely seen by viewers.

While it likely won’t bring an end to the negativity she receives, it might make people think twice before aiming their anger at the Venezuelan content creator.

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