Lele Pons breaks down after revealing “evil” social media comments

Lele Pons, YouTube

YouTube star and former Viner Lele Pons has added another episode to her original documentary series — one that highlights the slew of hateful comments she receives on social media and how they affect her mental health.

Lele’s docuseries, titled ‘The Secret Life of Lele Pons,’ unveiled her “severe” OCD, depression and Tourette’s Syndrome, with the YouTuber admitting that she’s dealt with the conditions since she was a small child.

Revealing tearful therapy sessions, tics, rituals and triggers, Lele’s series has delved into the often debilitating parts of her life that fans don’t see — but its latest episode, aired on June 16, exposed a world some viewers know all too well.

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It’s no secret that social media personalities often bear the brunt of the internet’s displeasure, with many online entertainers sitting at the forefront of hateful comments and even outright harassment.

For Pons, one of the worst cases of harassment occurred after her performance at Venezuela Aid Live, an event meant to bring awareness to human rights issues in the country.

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Lele Pons, YouTube
Lele Pons backstage with her father, Luis Pons, ahead of her performance at Venezuela Aid Live.

Despite being a proud Venezuelan, many critics accused the singer of using her time at the event as a publicity stunt, with the series exposing a plethora of hateful comments asking Pons to take her own life.

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“A stranger just told me I look like Lele Pons,” one user wrote. “Someone please kill me.”

“Please kill yourself,” another commented. “Unfunny.”

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Lele Pons, YouTube
The latest episode in Lele Pons’ documentary series revealed the shockingly negative comments she receives online – including messages asking her to take her own life.

Pons broke down in tears over the vitriol during the episode, admitting that her OCD leads her to obsessively check hateful comments despite encouragement to step back from social media.

“They just don’t understand that it hurts,” she sobbed. “For you to like that it hurts — that’s so evil. And what did I do wrong for people to be like, ‘I hate her.’ When did it all become that? When did it all become so evil? What’s happening here is people are making hating me cool.”

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“It’s so hard,” she continued. “It’s so hard because I’m so tired of like, whatever I do… ten years go by and I do everything right, but there’s always people that are going to be so mean to me for no reason.”

The YouTuber has since been met with an outpouring of sympathy in wake of an emotional episode that has left fans both shocked and proud that she is revealing such an intimate part of her life with the world.

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