Leaked Adept divorce filings prohibit xQc from gambling

xQc Adept divorce gamblingIcePoseidon

There’s a clause in Adept’s divorce filing with xQc that prevents him from buying anything that isn’t “reasonably necessary” to support his needs and prohibits him from gambling.

The breakup between xQc and Adept has been a very public one, with various details about their personal life being revealed on-stream.

Though he’s been barred from talking about their relationship according to leaked court documents surrounding the divorce, fans of the streamer are still hungry for information about the situation.

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A leaked divorce filing from Adept has revealed many details about the circumstances behind their divorce and the demands she made, one of which bars the streamer from gambling with his own money and prevents him from making purchases that aren’t “reasonably necessary” to support his needs, including things like jewelry and clothing.

Adept divorce filing keeps xQc from gambling

xQc has been known to gamble on-stream. Considering he’s one of the most viewed and highest-earning streamers on Twitch, he’s got the money to wager.

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In one of his most high-profile bets, xQc lost $650,000 dollars betting on the 2022 World Cup Finals. He isn’t a gambling streamer, per se, but it’s become a part of his broadcast identity.

However, according to the leaked divorce filing from Adept, the streamer may have to drop gambling and wagers of any kind entirely through the duration of the court proceedings.

Even if he has the money to wager $500,000 on a sports bet, he may be under threat of legal action if he were to do so. When it comes to things like buying virtual items like CS:GO cases and opening them on-stream, it’s hard to say whether or not these filings prevent him from that sort of activity.

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As of now, xQc has yet to discuss the legal document on stream. Although, according to the filing, he may be legally bound not to discuss the matter at all.