H3H3’s Ethan Klein calls out Leafy over “jokes” about shooting someone

H3 calls out Leafy over "joke" about shooting someoneYouTube: LeafyIsHere / H3H3 Productions

Now former-YouTuber LeafyIsHere has caused a stir in an interview with KEEMSTAR, where he joked that he took illegally concealed guns to protests, and is just looking for “someone to give me an excuse to shoot them.”

Prior to his account’s termination, Leafy had acquired almost 5 million subscribers, known for his commentary and drama videos. In 2017 he disappeared off the platform, returning in 2020 to make videos about H3H3, KEEMSTAR, and other large creators.

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He eventually moved onto creating content about creators on other platforms, including the hugely popular Twitch streamer Pokimane, videos in which he mocked her appearance and claimed she had a secret relationship.

This led to YouTube permanently banning him from the site, saying that his repeated violation of strict policies that prohibit harassment led to the termination. But this hasn’t stopped Leafy from causing uproar elsewhere.

Pokimane / Leafyishere
Leafy criticised Pokimane in a series of videos on his former channel

Leafy discusses the protests

In a video uploaded to content creation platform StoryFire on August 25, KEEMSTAR called Leafy and asked him “how did you get enough balls to go to the protest?” referring to unspecified protests Leafy’s area recently.

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“I’m not that frail. And on top of that, dude, I f**king own guns and sh*t,” he answered. “I literally went there with a f**king gun in a holster. I don’t know if I can say this out loud, but I don’t have a concealed weapons permit. But I don’t really give a sh*t.”

A clip from the video was shared by H3H3’s Ethan Klein on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

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KEEMSTAR was wide-eyed as Leafy continued. “I have a gun, I have a holster, I’m from f**king Utah, my family has guns, right.”

“That was crazy, that night, I really thought something bad was gonna happen to you,” KEEMSTAR responded, talking about the videos of “helicopters” Leafy had apparently uploaded the night of the protest.

Leafy said in return,“I mean, in truth… I don’t know if this can even go on StoryFire but, I just want one day in my life for someone to give me an excuse to shoot them. Is that an extreme opinion?” As KEEMSTAR laughs in disbelief, Leafy says “that was a joke bro, kind of.”

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Leafy has since been called out on Twitter by Ethan Klein of H3H3 productions, who brought the video to public attention and called the comments “truly disturbing,” adding critique of KEEMSTAR for “casually eating wings and laughing along.”

While the extent of the truth is unverifiable, Leafy may end up in hot water with authorities after suggesting that he had broken the law, and may even find himself struggling to remain on a new platform in the wake of YouTube’s ban on him.

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