LazarBeam reveals he’s making his own FPS game ‘World Boss’: everything we know

World Boss gameplay with LazarBeamPlaySide Studios / Instagram: Lazarbeam

Fortnite star Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott has revealed his very own video game called ‘World Boss.’ The new FPS title is still in early development but here’s a rundown of all there is to know.

Aussie content creators LazarBeam and Fresh are collaborating on their own video game project. Melbourne-based PlaySide Studios is heading up development while the two internet celebs seemingly consult throughout the process.

Although details are scarce following the joint announcement on January 14, we do have some early intel to go off.

From a release window to specific gameplay details, here’s what we know about World Boss from LazarBeam and Fresh.

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World Boss release date

World Boss does not yet have an official release date. While 2022 is targeted as a broad release window, there’s no indication of when it may launch.

It’s possible, however, that we see an early access build made public at some stage throughout the year. In fact, Lazar even teased fans will soon be able to test the game before it’s complete.

With the Steam listing already live, you can wishlist the game now to get in as soon as it’s playable.

Which platforms will World Boss release on?

With the announcement of World Boss, just one platform was made official. The FPS title is set to launch on PC and PC alone, at least to start with.

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World Boss gameplayPlaySide Studios
World Boss is only playable on PC for the time being.

Given its visual style and system requirements, it doesn’t appear to be a demanding game. Therefore, we could eventually see a mobile version if it gains enough traction.

There’s no telling if World Boss will make its way over to PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo hardware anytime soon.

What is World Boss? FPS gameplay details

At its core, World Boss is described as a “fast-paced shooter with io and roguelike progression.” But what exactly does that all mean?

As an FPS title, players drop into multiplayer matches from a first-person perspective no different from the likes of Team Fortress 2 or Call of Duty. Similar to those games still, an early glimpse reveals key features like a minimap, health bar, leveling system, and an in-game scoreboard.

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World Boss gameplayPlaySide Studios
World Boss is set to feature roguelike progression in each match.

The game features a mix of weapons and abilities that provide opportunities to gain a one-up on others in the lobby. We’ve already seen everything from rocket launchers and shotguns to magnums and assault rifles.

While roguelike elements are also in play, there are no specific details on how these systems may work. We could see randomized weapon spawn locations, for instance, or perhaps a leveling path in each round akin to a MOBA like League of Legends.

We only have five screenshots and 10 seconds of gameplay footage to go off for now, but we’ll keep you updated here as soon as further details emerge.

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