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Lazarbeam explains reason behind his YouTube suspension

Published: 29/Sep/2020 11:25

by Connor Bennett


Popular Australian YouTuber Lannan ‘Lazarbeam’ Eacott has explained why his channel has been suspended by YouTube and also revealed when he should be returning to uploads. 

While YouTubers can pretty much upload whatever they want, if they want to keep their channel thriving, they do have to follow some stringent rules or face some harsh consequences. 

In the case of Lazarbeam, who has over 18 million subscribers across his two channels, his main channel was struck down by YouTube on September.

While he didn’t explain why right, instead, using his social media to poke fun about having an extended break from the platform, he’s finally opened up.


Lazarbeam is one of the most popular Australian creators around.

Using his second channel, Lazar, the 25-year-old noted that his suspension stems from a strike on a video of his from earlier in the year. 

“What happened was, one of my TikTok videos from four or five months ago, there was a clip in it where I’m assuming some kid did something stupid, so I got a channel strike for child safety,” the Aussie explained.

He continued: “Like, no kid got seriously hurt, like there’s no lasting damage, it was just a funny TikTok. But, YouTube deemed this dangerous activity by a child.” While the video might have gone against the guidelines, Lazarebeam said that he doesn’t believe the punishment fits the crime but YouTube has a “tough job” and made a call. 


The YouTuber added that, while he was also hit with a strike in August, that one has been lifted – so he doesn’t have two strikes against his channel, just the one from the TikToks.

His suspension is set to end on Friday, October 2nd but given that he’s in contact with YouTube about getting it removed, it could be lifted before then – so he could be back on his main channel in no time.