Laura Lux has hilarious response after backlash for Amy Schumer comments

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer and internet personality Ashlee Adams, better known as ‘Laura Lux,’ is known for her risque photos and hilarious, online antics - but one of her latest shenanigans is causing laughs across Twitter.

Lux came under fire after spouting off her less-than-favorable opinion of comedian Amy Schumer, who she appeared to accuse of being unfunny.

“How does literally anyone find Amy Schumer funny,” Lux wrote in a scathing Tweet on March 21.

While many commenters appeared to agree with Lux’s take on Schumer’s talents, others were not so pleased - prompting a hilarious response from the streamer.

Lux shot back at the haters in a humorous Tweet a day later, posting a video of herself appearing to ‘flex’ her breasts in response to critics calling her “talentless.”

“A lot of angry people in my mentions telling me I’m ‘talentless’ because I said Amy Schumer isn’t funny,” Lux wrote. “Hmmm.... tell me.... could a talentless person do this? Checkmate.”

As if Lux’s response wasn’t funny enough, she later admitted that she’d taken the video in an airport bathroom, after one fan requested that she add a techno beat over the clip.

Laura Lux, Instagram
Laura Lux, Instagram
Laura Lux worked as a model and DJ before breaking into her current role as an internet personality.


“I actually muted it because I was in an airport bathroom, and you could hear toilets flushing lmao,” Lux explained.

Lux’s Tweet garnered a slew of hilarious reactions across Twitter, with people comparing her “talents” to those of Amy Schumer.

“Frankly, I’d rather watch this on a loop for the rest of my life than watch 10 minutes of an Amy Schumer special,” one commenter wrote.

“THIS IS PURE RAW TALENT! HOW DARE THEM!” another user joked.

In addition to her current work as an internet personality, Lux was also a former DJ and model, and currently runs both a Patreon account and a blog, where she covers her gaming exploits.

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