Lady Gaga fans stunned after viral TikTok shows ‘invisible shield’ protecting her during concert

Emma Hill
Screenshot from Lady Gaga music video with TikTok showing 'invisible shield' supposedly protecting her during her concertYouTube: Lady Gaga/ Twitter: @noah3020

A TikTok clip has gone viral after appearing to show global popstar Lady Gaga being protected from thrown objects by an ‘invisible shield’ during her concerts.

As one of the biggest multi-talented performers on the planet, Lady Gaga has grown a devoutly loyal fanbase throughout her career.

However, as with any celebrity, she’s also had her fair share of haters to the point when her safety has been put at risk. Sometimes even during her live performances.

Now, a viral TikTok appears to demonstrate one way Gaga appears to deflect any danger during her Chromatic Ball concert. Although, the moment has also respawned some wild theories that the ‘Bad Romance’ singer is somehow getting help from a higher power.

Lady Gaga TikTok appears to show ‘invisible’ protection shield

On July 19, a video posted on TikTok showed Gaga performing on stage in front of thousands of fans. Suddenly, a large object is seen flying from the crowd towards her.

Yet, it seemingly deflects in mid-air just as though it’s hitting an ‘invisible’ wall. It then falls to the ground and Gaga continues to perform unscathed.

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The clip first gained attention after it worked on its way onto Twitter thanks to Lady Gaga fan account ‘noah3020‘ and picked up 4.2 million views as of writing.

However, it also reignited a wave of bizarre theories. Various memes from viewers claimed that the moment is ‘proof’ that Gaga, as well as other various celebrities, are connected to the rumored supernatural group the Illuminati.

Yet, noah3020 soon clarified: “This is a joke, it’s obviously not a force field.” Various followers also supported them claiming it was most likely a “stage fan” or even “scrim”- a type of “theatrical mesh” which protects performers during concerts.

The viral clip may have ignited a plethora of “demonizing” speculations surrounding Lady Gaga. But, as always, her supportive fans were on hand to jump to her defence.