Kylie Jenner fans convinced her mansion is haunted after posting selfie

Kylie JennerINSTAGRAM: KylieJenner

Kylie Jenner fans are convinced her mansion is haunted after spotting a creepy figure in her new selfie.

The makeup mogul’s new selfie promoting her cosmetic line has creeped some fans out, as they noticed something spooky in the background. The image has led many to believe her $36 million Los Angeles-based home is haunted.

On September 11, Kylie posted a selfie to Instagram, promoting her brand new Matte Lip Crayon for Kylie Cosmetics.

“New favorite red for the holidays️ I’m obsessed with our Matte Lip Crayon formula so I’m excited @krisjenner made this beautiful orange-red launching in her collection on 9.14! @kyliecosmetics,” she wrote in the caption.


Although it seems like a normal selfie, fans couldn’t help but notice a “creepy” statue in the background. The strange figurine decoration showed half a normal body, while the other half appeared to have been ripped open with its insides spilling out.

Fans convinced Kylie Jenner’s mansion is haunted

The reality star’s selfie left many fans spooked, as they pointed out the figure lurking behind her on the photo.

“That little man statue in the background though,” one fan commented, along with a shocked emoji.

“Wtf is that creepy little man behind her?” another horrified fan wrote.

“Ok wait but like wtf is that horrifying figure behind her? Swear to god that f***ing house is haunted,” someone else wrote.

The concerned comments come a week after fans were creeped out as they spotted what seemed to be a secret room at her mansion. Kylie shared a TikTok video which seemingly was taken in the dining room of her luxury home, and many noticed a glass-enclosed door with a runner rug leading up to it.

Fans came up with theories of what it could be, with one fan on Reddit saying: “It’s definitely a wine cellar and I really want to know what’s in it.”

“WTF if behind her? Vault to creepy underground layer?” a fan questioned. Someone else said it could possibly be a wine fridge, while another was in agreement saying that was “definitely” the case. Regardless, the newest creepy photo seems to encourage the idea that not all is as it seems in Kylie Jenner’s home.