Kylie Jenner faces backlash for ‘using’ daughter Stormi during photoshoot

Kylie Jenner and StormiTIKTOK: kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner is facing backlash online as social media users accuse her of ‘using’ her daughter Stormi during a photoshoot.

The reality star shared a behind-the-scenes look at a promotional shoot for the second season of her famous Hulu show ‘The Kardashians.’

In a viral TikTok video, Kylie was seen posing for singular shots in a tight beige dress, before being joined by her little girl on a white couch.

Following a glamorous outfit change into a skintight leather gown, she was joined by her four-year-old daughter Stormi, who sported a white hoodie and green mermaid skirt.

Kylie, who was still posing, looked at her daughter who sat behind her during the photoshoot.

As they took pictures together, the photographer was then heard instructing Stormi to “make mommy laugh!”

In response, Stormi dutifully started smiling at Kylie, who smiled back at her and chuckled.

Kylie Jenner slammed for ‘using’ daughter Stormi during photoshoot

The video, which has over 6 million views, was shared on Reddit, where fans were not happy with Kylie for including her daughter in the shoot. 

“Let that child be a child, is it every day bring your daughter to work day? Let her rest,” one angry Reddit user wrote.

“Using Stormi as a prop ffs,” another one added, while a third posted: “MAKE MOMMY LAUGH – ew.”

Previously, Kylie was called out for “shooing” Stormi in a video where they were posing together for another photoshoot. In the TikTok clip, the makeup mogul was seen cuddling with her daughter before directing her away, to take selfies with a famous blogger.

“Not Kylie shooing Stormi away so she can take selfies,” one user wrote. “Oh poor Stormi, she just wants to cuddle her mom,” another one added.

“Go off to your nanny child, I’m busy filling my vanity needs,” a third user sarcastically commented.