Kyle Bosman reveals why he’s quitting Easy Allies in shocking statement

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Fans of the number one video game Patreon ‘Easy Allies’ were left shocked when host Kyle Bosman abruptly announced his departure from the company. The ex-Game Trailers personality penned a letter to supporters explaining his decision.

Anyone that has been around the games industry the last decade remembers the now-defunct Game Trailers. Before YouTube was a thing, the popular site was the go-to place to watch trailers for upcoming AAA titles, and E3 coverage.

In 2016, GT shut down and the staff stuck together to create a Patreon-funded company known as the Easy Allies. However after four years of success, popular host Kyle Bosman is stepping away from the project.

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Kyle Bosman leaves Easy Allies

The Easy Allies host was a standout in the 10-person group, as his comedic style and quirky personality would anchor their projects. However on March 13, he announced to his Patreon supporters that he would be leaving the company.

“I realize this is bad news in a time of rampant bad news. I have a job that I love working with people I love for a community I love and yet today I’m announcing that, after four years with Easy Allies, it’s time for me to go,” he said.

The gaming media veteran explained that he wanted to find his passion in life, and doesn’t yet have a new job lined up. “I’m looking for my life’s Main Thing, something that demands my full potential and potentially fully failing at it,” he continued.

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His last time appearing with the company will be on the April 24 episode of Easy Allies Podcast, which he has been the host of since the company was founded four years ago.

While fans of the EZA community were hit hard by the surprising news, his colleagues also took to Twitter to express their feelings on the announcement.

Other members of Easy Allies expressed their feelings on Kyle Bosman’s announced exit.

Former President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida also reacted to Bosman’s letter, and stated, “Good luck Kyle, and thanks for the fun time over so many years. Love & Respect.” The PlayStation executive had been a guest on Kyle Bosman’s Game Trailer show ‘The Final Bosman’ in 2014.

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Twitter: @yosp
Former Sony Interactive President Shuhei Yoshida wished Kyle Bosman luck.

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While the announcement came out of nowhere for fans, according to the Patreon post, the rest of the company knew about the host’s plans for some time, and were able to make plans to work around his exit.

Kyle Bosman popularized the term “Love & Respect” and helped foster a welcoming community of gamers passionate about the medium.