KSI’s manager responds after Alex Wassabi calls out rematch clause in boxing match

Alex Wassabi hits out at rematch clause in KSI contractYouTube: Joe Weller, Ladbible TV

YouTuber Alex Wassabi is feeling a little sus about a rematch clause in the contract of his upcoming boxing match against KSI, but KSI’s manager says it’s just standard procedure.

British YouTube star KSI is set to face off against fellow creator Alex Wassabi in late August.

This bout follows months of trash talk between the two influencers, which sparked after Wassabi beat KSI’s little brother, Deji, in a boxing match last year.

The beef that followed was enough to spark an official match, marking KSI’s big boxing comeback after years out of the ring and focusing on music.

However, Wassabi noticed something that he thinks is a little fishy in the contract for their upcoming fight, claiming that there’s a rematch clause hidden in the fine print — despite KSI’s big talk if he loses.

Wassabi opened up about his concerns in an interview with Joe Weller, who fought KSI back in 2018 before his viral rivalry with KSI.

“I’m pretty sure he said, ‘If I lose to Alex, I’m done with music, I’m done with YouTube,’ and he said he’s never boxing again,” Wassabi claimed. “So let me ask you this, Joe…why is there a rematch clause?”

“I’m sure he’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, what? I didn’t even know. My team made me put that in the contract.'”

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However, KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, had a totally different take on Wassabi’s concerns. In an Instagram comment, he claimed that this is par for the course when it comes to most boxing matches.

“I absolutely put that in the contract,” he confirmed. “That’s standard for A-Side! Wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t.”

mams taylor instagram response tbb copyInstagram: thebradbatchtbb
KSI’s manager confirmed that there is a rematch clause in KSI’s fight with Alex Wassabi.

KSI himself has yet to speak on the issue, but this wouldn’t be his first rematch; after a draw against Paul in 2018, the two faced off again a year later, with KSI ultimately emerging victorious.

Of course, there’s no way to tell who will win this upcoming fight… but KSI is betting that after he takes out Wassabi, Jake Paul will be next on the docket.