KSI wants match with WWE World Champion after WrestleMania debut

KSI shirtless next to WWE logoWWE

YouTube star KSI has eyed up a match with WWE world champion Bobby Lashley after his debut at WrestleMania 39.

KSI is no stranger to new ventures. Over the past couple of years, he’s delved deep into the music world and has even taken the hydration beverage market by storm with Prime.

The British YouTuber is also one of the pioneers of influencer boxing, which has become bigger than anyone could’ve anticipated.

However, boxing may not be the only combat sport we see him enter. After his WWE debut at WrestleMania 39 — alongside former rival and business partner Logan Paul — KSI is eyeing up a match with a world champion.

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KSI wants WWE match with Bobby Lashley

After he was sent crashing through a table by Logan Paul with a frog splash from the top rope in his WWE debut, KSI was asked if he could see himself in a match, and who he’d choose to face if so.

“I mean, you never know, you never know,” KSI replied. After some thought, he finally blurted out a name he’d like to encounter.

“Oh my gosh, I don’t even know who I’d want to — Bobby Lashley,” he said. “Bobby Lashley, put me in with the beast why not?”

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The YouTuber was quick to note how the WWE world champion is three times his size but is still up for the challenge.

Despite being a childhood fan of wrestling, KSI recently shut down fans’ hopes of seeing him in the WWE, claiming he has “no business” with them.

However, after his debut, fans would certainly love to see him face off against Bobby Lashley.

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