KSI vs Logan Paul Rematch Set For February 2019

You may think that after KSI and Logan Paul have knocked each other around the ring on August 25, that will be the end of their beef – but the reality is, this is really only the beginning.

When KSI called out the American, following his comfortable win over Joe Weller, the deal that was agreed between both parties was in fact a two fight deal.

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The first, of course, will take place at the Manchester Arena in the UK on August 25. But another fight, the rematch, will be held in the United States, reportedly in February of 2019.

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KSI, as the British hopeful, will retain 100% of the ticket revenue for the Manchester bout, according to reports, and then Logan will get his share when the US fight rolls around.

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However, according to the contract, both KSI and Logan Paul have the option to opt out of the rematch, with 90 days of the August 25 bout.

If KSI was to opt out of the rematch, he would forfeit 50% of his net profits from ticket sales, handing them over to Logan Paul.

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If Logan Paul opts out, then KSI will retain his 100% cut of the ticket sales revenue. All of this makes for an even more interesting fight on August 25.

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So, if KSI was to get humiliated by Logan in the UK fight, he would have to choose to possibly endure another humiliation in the US, or forfeit half of the money – neither of which being good options.

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Equally, if Logan Paul was to find himself on the end of a beating, he too would have to risk going through it again in front of a home crowd in the US, or choose to simply make nothing from the whole event.

Either way, it makes for a win-win for fans, who will most likely get to see two fights, and if their hopeful doesn’t win the first, they can do it all again in 2019.

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