KSI vs Logan Paul 2: What happened to the UK Press Conference?

. 3 years ago
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YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul met for the first time in over a year at their Sept 14 rematch press conference in front of the Los Angeles Staples Center – but it looks like a second press conference may not be taking place, at all.

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Following their September 14 meeting, KSI hinted at the possibility of a second conference in the United Kingdom, in keeping with the format from their previous fight in 2018.

In fact, he predicted that his opponent would get “obliterated” at the presser across the pond, noting that Paul received quite a few boos while KSI had a slew of cheering fans – despite traveling to enemy territory.

(Timestamp: 6:25 for mobile viewers)

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However, a subsequent Tweet from KSI put that possibility to bed, with the YouTuber announcing that there will be no UK press conference, after all.

Calling the development “a shame and quite frankly unfair,” KSI appeared to place the blame on Logan Paul, claiming that “a certain man don’t want the smoke.”

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Of course, this post didn’t go unnoticed by Paul, who uploaded his response in the form of a video shortly thereafter.

“…this has nothing to do with me,” he clarified. “I’ve been trying to make this press conference happen for the past month. Found out last week that it might not happen, which sucks, ‘cause I love London. I love the people. I can assure you I want the smoke.”

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This wouldn’t be the first time KSI has accused Paul of slowing down their rematch, either: the YouTuber called out his opponent on Twitter in mid-June, claiming that Paul’s management was dragging their heels in organizing the fight.

“You guys don’t know how to even create a boxing event,” KSI snapped at Maverick member Mike Majlak, calling his team “useless” and even offering to hold the rematch in the UK once more.

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While details for the fight have since been sorted out, it looks like the UK is getting no love this time around – and with both YouTubers having just two months left to prepare before their rematch, time is quickly ticking down for the net’s most anticipated grudge match yet.

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