KSI Visits the UFC Performance Institute to Find Out How Hard He Will Be Able to Punch Logan Paul in Their Fight

by Ross Deason


The current king of boxing on YouTube, KSI, has uploaded a new video where he tests his punching power, and various other performance markers, at the UFC Performance Institute.

The boxing match between KSI and Joe Weller on February 3rd of 2018 was one of the biggest events in the history of YouTube, drawing in millions of live viewers.


It was so big, in fact, that it broke the record for the biggest amateur white collar boxing event in history. With over 25 million people watching the replay of the event, it is fair to say that it broke some serious barriers between the online entertainment industry and the mainstream.

Following the fight, KSI called out both Logan and Jake Paul, two of the most controversial characters on all of YouTube, and, after a great deal of posturing on both sides, Logan Paul eventually agreed to face the Brit on August the 25th in the US.


With the highly anticipated event drawing ever closer, KSI made a trip the state of the art UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas to find out how hard he can punch and complete a number of other athletic tests.

Everything from “reactive index” to speed squats were included in the tests and KSI performed relatively well throughout, even being described as an “average UFC fighter” at one point, but the question that everyone wanted to know the answer to was how hard can the YouTuber punch?

Forrest Griffin demonstrates the only way to knock out UFC Heavyweight Mark Hunt


KSI went through this part of the test with UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin. The former Light Heavyweight Champion took the British entertainer on to the “PowerStation Pro” and had him throw a number of different punches.

Overall, the average punches that KSI was throwing were “actually pretty good” and Forrest even went so far as to say that KSI could “probably knock me out”.

“This is enough power to knock somebody out if you catch them right. [...] That’s plenty of force to knock out most people. Again, you’re not knocking Mark Hunt out like that [...] Everybody’s a little different. Uhm, you’d probably knock me out with that”.

The full video and results can be found below, with the punching power section beginning at the 5:20 mark.