KSI video remains monetized despite including racial slurs

. 3 years ago
ksiolajidebt, YouTube

Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji has uploaded a video to his YouTube channel which includes racial slurs and, to the surprise of some users, is still being monetized with advertizements.

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The popular YouTuber showed viewers some highlights taken from a recent Q&A session he held with fans using Discord, where they were each given one question each to ask. 

However, it was hijacked by one man who dared KSI to call him a “curry muncher” – an offer that the internet personality refused. KSI then dared the fan to call him “a n*****”, and they obliged. 

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“Call me a curry muncher bro!” the fan said, to which he replied: “Alright, call me a n****. Do it. I dare you. I fucking dare you.” After being called a “fucking n*****” by the fan, KSI just stared into the screen for a few moments. 

None of these racial slurs have been censored or otherwise removed from the video, and are perfectly audible. In fact, the thumbnail of the video itself reads “I got called the N word”.

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This news comes just days after Creator Insider uploaded a video, assisted by a member of YouTube’s monetization team, where they clarified not only the red flags of using profanity but also that any use of slurs of this kind would lead to advertizers refusing to post adverts on such content. 

Yet, even with “I got called the N Word” in the thumbnail and the racial slurs included, adverts are still present on KSI’s video. At the time of writing, the video has over 2.7 million views, with almost 200,000 likes and less than 6,000 dislikes.

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