KSI urges fans to hear out Logan Paul amid Cryptozoo ‘scam’ accusations

KSI reacts to Logan Paul Cryptozoo scam accusationsYouTube: JJ Olatunji

YouTube star KSI has responded to the controversy surrounding friend and business partner Logan Paul, who has been accused of scamming fans with his 2021 NFT game, ‘Cryptozoo.’

KSI and Logan Paul were, at one point, the most bitter rivals on the internet. The two even kickstarted the current influencer boxing trend because of their beef, stepping into the ring twice over to hash out their differences in front of thousands of fans over the course of two years.

Although KSI ultimately emerged the victor of their two boxing matches, the creators mended the rift between them, becoming fast friends — and later, even started a business together, launching PRIME Hydration in early 2022.

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Since then, the YouTubers have been extremely close (with no help from little bro Jake Paul, who’s hellbent on fighting KSI in the near future)… but a recent controversy surrounding Logan Paul has made their friendship a bit awkward.

KSI and Logan Paul holding PRIME Hydration in front of Target screenshot.Twitter: @PrimeHydrate

Recently, Paul was called out by cryptocurrency investigator and fellow YouTuber Coffeezilla, who created a three-part video series dissecting Logan’s Cryptozoo NFT game that he released back in 2021.

Since then, Logan has been on the receiving end of “scam” accusations, with netizens feeling he swindled fans out of their money after launching the game and subsequently abandoning it for over a year.

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Logan even appeared to promise a response video to Coffeezilla’s claims on January 2 — but it never dropped, leaving fans more frustrated than ever. Instead, both Paul and KSI announced the upcoming launch of their PRIME Hydration energy drink line, sparking some unimpressed responses online.

Although Logan has been silent about the accusations against him as of late, KSI has finally responded to the whole ordeal, asking fans to wait and “hear his side” during a YouTube video uploaded on January 3.

KSI responds to scam accusations against Logan Paul

“Let’s hear his side of it,” KSI laughed. “Let’s hear his side before we crucify him because, how many times have we jumped to conclusions and it’s just been completely false? Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez? Mad people were like, ‘Tory Lanez is innocent, and now Tory Lanez has been proven guilty.”

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“Let’s just wait to hear both sides and then judge from there,” he continued. “Honestly, you should just buy PRIME if you enjoy the drink. You shouldn’t buy because of me.”

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KSI’s comments came in response to a fan who memed that they only bought PRIME as a fan of KSI, not his business partner.

(Logan Paul has since responded to the accusations against him in a video, wherein he threatened legal action against Coffeezilla over his YouTube videos about Cryptozoo.)