KSI sparks huge feud between Misfits Boxing and Jake Paul’s MVP

British YouTube star KSI has started a massive feud between his promotion company Misfits Boxing and Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions.

Last June, ‘The Problem Child’ Jake Paul began his own boxing company Most Valuable Promotions in order to self-promote his future bouts.

Similarly, earlier this year, KSI alongside his manager MamsTaylor and boxing promoters Kalle & Nisse Sauerland launched Misfits Boxing ahead of the YouTuber’s return to the ring.

Now, the two rivals are going back at it. Following on from KSI’s historic two fights in one night, the British entertainer attempted to provoke Jake Paul’s side once again – and it absolutely worked.

KSI sparks huge feud with Jake Paul

All stemming from a tweet on September 1, the London-born YouTuber noted how his Misfits Boxing passed Jake Paul’s MVP in followers on Instagram. However, the harmless tweet that poked fun at Jake Paul’s side unexpectedly turned into a heated feud.

Most Valuable Promotions hit back by responding on Instagram, slamming KSI’s choice of opponents in his last two fights. “You can’t go to war fighting children. That’s a human rights violation,” they wrote, referring to backlash KSI received after fighting Pineda, who fans claimed looked like a child.

MVP then up with an Instagram story, throwing some heavy-hitting jabs at KSI. “Jake Paul and KSI aren’t in the same sport,” they claimed. “1 is a boxer and 1 plays boxing with young children & rappers who admit they never boxed a day in their life.

“1 is defined by Google as a pro boxer and 1 as a celebrity influencer,” they added. “Congrats on celebrating follower counts. You will never be A-Side in boxing. You are welcome to be A-Side on followers and likes.”

MVP then corrected themselves, claiming KSI is listed as an ‘Internet Celebrity’ on Google. As of now, KSI is still yet to respond back.

However, the short feud has certainly heated up the rivalry even more.

Sadly, it looks as if fans still have long to go until they see the two touching gloves. KSI recently revealed that fighting Jake is still his end goal, but he’s still got plenty of work to do before it happens.