KSI shocked after grocery store stops “young people” from buying PRIME

KSI shocked as grocery store barrs young people amid prime crazeYouTube: JJ Olatunji / Twitter: prime_tracker / Instagram: drinkprime

YouTube star KSI was left flabbergasted after an ASDA location barred unattended “young people” from buying PRIME Hydration after 7:30 PM.

PRIME Hydration is a sports hydration beverage created by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul, which they officially launched in January 2022.

Since its release, the drink has been a smashing success, selling out in stores across America and the UK — but British fans have been having an especially hard time getting their hands on the influencer-famous bev lately.

Recently, KSI spoke out on the low supply of Prime available in stores across the pond, appearing to accuse store employees of selling the drink on the “black market” rather than stocking shelves.

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Logan Paul KSI release prime hydration drinkInstagram: KSI, drinkprime

Right now, the only place fans can get PRIME in the UK is ASDA… but one particular ASDA location isn’t exactly friendly to fans looking to get their hands on a bottle or two.

ASDA location bans “young people” from store amid PRIME Hydration craze

On October 20, the runner of the Prime Tracker Twitter account shared a photo of a notice on an ASDA storefront, which barred “young people” from purchasing PRIME past 7:30 PM and claimed all PRIME restocks would happen in the morning hours.

“PRIME will no longer arrive in the night delivery,” the notice reads. “Any stock will be replenished after 9 AM. Young people without a parent / guardian will be refused entry to the store after 7:30 PM.”

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KSI was notified of the sign and reposted the photo in a quote tweet, appearing thoroughly flummoxed as to how this ban could have come about.

“What have you lot done lol?” he asked. “Someone define ‘young people’ please.”

This isn’t the first time a UK establishment has placed restrictions around PRIME; in September, a school notably banned the drink from campus, saying the drink “will be confiscated if found or seen, and you will be sanctioned with a -3.”

For now, it’s looking like UK fans will have to hold out a little longer until PRIME is more widely available — something KSI promised would happen soon.

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