KSI reacts to Twitch terminating partnership agreements after his decade-long break

KSI TwitchYouTube: JJ Olatunji

KSI has reacted to Twitch’s new “terminating” partnership contracts, and so he will no longer be a Partner for the streaming platform, despite him taking a decade-long break from streaming.

Twitch has found itself at the center of major controversy following the backlash to its proposed Branded Content guidelines. While the company has since backtracked on the changes, with the CEO even apologizing for the mishap on stream, Twitch still finds itself at the heart of many discussions throughout the streaming community.

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To add fuel to the fire, Twitch is overhauling its partnership program, and replacing it with the “monetized streamer agreement.” Posting on Twitter with the caption “sad times”, KSI uploaded an image of a message he received from the streaming platform. It reads as follows.

“With this email, Twitch is providing you with written notice that your Partner agreement will not auto-renew for the next renewal term and will terminate one year from the date of this email or earlier upon your acceptance of the new Monetized Streamer Agreement.”

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His tweet is likely tongue-in-cheek, as KSI has not streamed on Twitch for 10 years now. Over a decade ago, the content creator would occasionally stream games such as FIFA, horror titles, and more. But since then, scarce appearances on the streams of others like Kai Cenat is the best fans get in terms of live content.

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