KSI responds to TommyInnit fans who thought he actually punched Wilbur Soot

TommyInnit KSIYouTube: KSI/YouTube: TommyInnit

YouTube star and rapper KSI has responded to TommyInnit fans who thought he actually punched Wilbur Soot in a setup and staged video.

Although TommyInnit and KSI make completely different content for their audiences, the pair certainly don’t mind taking a jab at each other over social media. These interactions between the two over Twitter have formed a feud that both of them like to play up to.

None of the beef is serious in any way and is all meant in the name of entertainment. That’s exactly why Tommy decided to meet up with KSI in one of his latest videos to attempt to ‘fight’ him.

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Of course, KSI was in on the joke and the pair staged a set-up encounter. It was incredibly obvious that the interaction between the two was a joke and in the end, Wilbur Soot took a fake punch from KSI that concluded the video.

While the majority of people realized the punch was staged, some of TommyInnit’s fans didn’t exactly get the joke.

TommyInnitYouTube: TommyInnit
TommyInnit has over 8 million subscribers on YouTube.

KSI responds to angry TommyInnit fans

After receiving a series of hate tweets from TommyInnit fans who thought the punch on Wilbur was real, KSI has responded in his latest video. It’s obvious the YouTube star is in disbelief that anyone could believe that the ‘fight’ was real.

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He even points out that Wilbur flicked his head the wrong way after the fake punch, making it extremely easy to see it’s fake. It’s clear KSI has taken the backlash from Tommy’s fans as a joke and blamed it on the fact that they’re too young to understand.

“He literally flicks his head the opposite direction to where I punched, and the funny thing is, TommyInnit’s fans thought I actually punched him, that’s how you know they’re just kids.”

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Although some TommyInnit’s fans took the joke a bit too seriously, it’s obvious KSI has just taken it in his stride. It’ll be interesting to see if Tommy and KSI decide to make another video in the future.

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This time, they might have to make it a bit more obvious if they try to stage another fake encounter, just in case a few of the fans don’t catch on.