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KSI responds to No Life Shaq roasting his “trash” single with Lil Pump

Published: 31/Mar/2020 19:51

by Bill Cooney


YouTube stars KSI’s latest track “Poppin” attracted a lot of attention on social media – but fellow content creator ‘No Life Shaq’s’ brutal review of the song was by far one of the most entertaining.

“Poppin,” featuring Lil Pump and Smokepurpp, already has over 3 million views and counting after debuting on March 26, and almost instantly caught the eye of other content creators.

On March 29, YouTuber No Life Shaq uploaded a video reacting to the song, calling KSI’s new single “trash” and joking that it was a prime example of so-called “mumble rap.”

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When he finally listened to Poppin, Shaq only made it less than a minute in, and looked completely baffled by what he was hearing before cutting it off as soon as Smokepurpp’s verse began.


“What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with this?” KSI asked. “What’s wrong? We’re spittin’, but as soon as you hear Smokepurpp, you’re like, Nnah, done.'”

By the end of his review, Shaq looked like he was actually suffering, and begged, “Please, make it stop,” as he slumped down in his chair.

“I never knew people would have this reaction listening to one of my songs,” KSI laughed. “Alright, maybe one of my old songs in 2010.”

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Ironically, Shaq never even made it to KSI’s main verse in the track, calling it quits just before then – but it doesn’t seem likely that would have changed his opinion on it, anyhow.


“He’s done, I f**king knew it,” the Brit joked. “He legit just stop. Oh, for f**ks sake man. Unreal. Brilliant.”

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As things usually work on YouTube, No Life Shaq uploaded a response to KSI’s video responding to his original review, and assured him it was “all love” despite his scathing opinion of his latest song.

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KSI hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down in his musical career as of late – and based on how popular “Poppin” seems to be on YouTube, we could see many more singles, and reviews from No Life Shaq, coming in the future.