KSI Responds to Logan Paul’s Sexual Harassment Allegations: “A terrible attempt at trying to knock my credibility”

Ross Deason
KSI / YouTube

KSI has responded to Logan Paul’s allegations about sexual harassment that were made after the UK press conference for their boxing match in August.

Paul did not take kindly to KSI’s comments about him and his girlfriend, Chloe Bennet, at the press conference in London and recently released a video where he slammed KSI for degrading women and shared a number of old video clips of the Brit, describing the behavior shown as “disgusting sexual harassment”.

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KSI’s response begins with him saying:

“nice try Logan, this whole righteous SJW facade… it just seems a bit forced. It doesn’t seem that genuine at all. Like you said Logan, you’re a dog, and when you back a dog up into a corner, eventually it’s gonna bite,

“So this video will be me putting the muzzle on your mouth and shutting down every single point that you’ve made”

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In regards to his comments about Paul’s girlfriend in an earlier video, KSI says that the “fuck her like a prostitute” statement was a reference to not being allowed to kiss prostitutes, before playing the full clip.

He goes on to say that Logan’s video is “manipulation at its finest”, stating that he did not encourage the crowd’s chants about Chloe and saying that the video Logan shares of Caspar Lee’s sister has “nothing to do with me, you’re literally lying”.

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The YouTuber goes on to say that he already apologized for his comments about Caspar’s sister at the time that they were made, and that he has talked about all of the other clips in past videos.

In his “Dear KSI” video, Logan deletes his “No Handlebars” song as a way of showing that he no longer supports the objectification of women. However, KSI takes a leaf out of Paul’s book and shares numerous clips, from videos that are still on his channel, that show similar behavior.  

KSI concludes with:

“In that UK press conference, you couldn’t think of a good comeback on that stage, you couldn’t handle the pressure, that’s why you left,

“This was a terrible attempt at trying to knock my credibility and justify you being a coward when you left that press conference.”

The war of words between the controversial YouTube stars will come to an end on August 25th when they step into the ring at the Manchester arena. The fight will be a pay-per-view event on YouTube and promises to be one of the biggest in the platform’s history.