KSI responds to Gordon Ramsay’s brutal review of Prime

KSI looking at Gordon Ramsay holding red bottle of primeYouTube: KSI/Heart

YouTube star KSI has responded to Gordon Ramsay’s brutal review of Prime as the celebrity chef gave it a “0/10” rating. 

It’s been a little over a year since KSI and Logan Paul launched their Prime Hydration brand, and it’s safe to say it has become a viral hit across the United States and the UK. 

While the drink is pretty readily available in the US, it’s been a little more difficult for fans to get their hands on it in the United Kingdom. Resellers have been selling it for sky-high prices, much to the annoyance of KSI, and there have been issues with production. 

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The drink has started hitting the shelves in more stores and has been getting rave reviews. Though when Gordon Ramsay was finally given a taste of it, he was less than impressed. 

KSI responds to Gordon Ramsay’s review of Prime

The Kitchen Nightmares host scored the drink a 0/10 and compared it to the “dregs” of a tiramisu from his pal Gino D’ACampo. 

That review got onto KSI’s radar for his January 17 video as fans posted Ramsay’s review on the YouTuber’s subreddit. “He’s going to say it’s sh*t innit. It’s Gordon Ramsay, he hates everything that isn’t his,” KSI said before even loading the clip.

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After hearing the comparison with “dregs,” he was a little taken back. “I don’t know if that’s an insult or if he was complementing Prime…,” he added, laughing throughout. “I think it’s an insult by the way she’s laughing, but like, I don’t know how much of an insult!”

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The YouTube phenom did urge Ramsay to “try the other flavors” and suggested he “might like the new flavor.”

Seeing as the chef has linked up with YouTubers for videos before, it wouldn’t be a shock to see him discussing the drinks face-to-face with Logan or KSI. It would be great content at the end of the day, for both sides.

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