KSI responds to criticism for confronting family in new documentary

KSI on YouTubeYT: JJ Olatunji

British rapper and entrepreneur KSI has responded to criticism that has emerged in the wake of his documentary, in which he confronts his family over his upbringing. 

KSI’s career continues to go from strength to strength. From the lucrative success of PRIME hydration to another comfortable boxing victory over FaZe Temperrr, the Brit is rapidly proving that YouTubers can transcend the video sharing platform. 

Late January 2023 also saw the release of KSI’s Amazon documentary, called ‘KSI: In Real Life’. 

Among other things, it delves into the upbringing and background of Olajide Olatunji. 

Specifically, he discusses being hit by his father as a child and the complex relationship the two shared. He tells his father that it “affected him into my later years” and, at times, caused him to “hate” his own family members.

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KSI “happy” after confronting family in new documentary 

While many have praised the vulnerability and openness on display, others have criticized KSI for the comments. One Twitter user claimed he was “acting like he’s the only one who got disciplined as a kid”. 

Responding to the comments, KSI said: “It’s so evident that this person hasn’t watched my doc. Just completely missed the point.” 

In a second tweet, he elaborated on the decision to confront his father and air it in the documentary, saying he’s “happy” because it ultimately improved the pair’s relationship. 

“At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their opinion,” he said. “If my actions mean I now have a better relationship with my family, then I’m happy.”

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Regardless, the overwhelming majority of respondents praised KSI’s decision to discuss it with his family. 

FIFA YouTuber aa9skillz was among them, saying: “The doc was amazing brother. Respect for opening up like that for everyone to see.”

KSI’s documentary is available to watch for free on Amazon Prime to subscribers.