KSI instantly hits back at Jake Paul mocking him after drink launch with Logan

KSI next to Jake PaulYouTube: JJ Olatunji / Instagram: jakepaul

YouTuber KSI has responded after Jake Paul shaded him in an Instagram post congratulating brother Logan on he and JJ’s ‘Prime Hydration’ drink launch.

Jake Paul and KSI have been trading blows online for a while now, and with the pair both having stepped into the ring as part of influencer boxing matches, fans are constantly wondering when the two stars will eventually set up their own bout.

In December, Olatunji said “I will, to this day, tell you that I still feel like I could beat Jake Paul,” but added that an actual fight between them is “not gonna happen anytime soon.”

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However, it looks like Paul remains keen to face off against his fellow content creator, after he shaded KSI in an Instagram post congratulating brother Logan on the launch of he and JJ’s new Prime Hydration sports drink.

Logan Paul KSI release prime hydration drinkInstagram: KSI, drinkprime
The former boxing rivals have teamed up on the ‘Prime Hydration’ sports drink.

“Congrats on this launch @loganpaul,” Jake wrote in an Instagram story. “Hopefully now @ksi can get his lazy ass in the gym and get hydrated for an ass-whooping.”

KSI was quick to respond to the YouTuber’s shade, however, reposting Jake’s story on his own, with simply the caption: “Go f**k yourself.”

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KSI responds to Jake Paul on Instagram

Paul made waves in December when he defeated Tyron Woodley with a knockout in the sixth round in their highly-anticipated rematch, and since then fans have been watching keenly to see who he could possibly end up in the ring with next.

He’s revealed that his boxing bucket list includes big names likes Floyd Mayweather, Tyson Fury, and Dana White, though whether he ends up actually fighting anyone from his list remains to be seen.

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Regardless, it seems as though he’s still interested in facing off against KSI, and there’s no doubt that that would be a match to remember if it ever goes ahead.

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