KSI responds after Bradley Martyn blasts his workout: “You get in the ring”

KSI squatting next to Bradley Martyn posingIG: KSI / BradleyMartyn

British rapper and boxer KSI has responded after YouTuber and bodybuilder Bradley Martyn blasted his workout, telling him to “get in the ring” himself. 

KSI’s meteoric rise in the boxing world has been nothing short of incredible. While many raised their eyebrows when he first got in the ring with Joe Weller back in 2018, he now has a number of lucrative fights under his belt, as well as the Misfits brand itself.

He is currently building towards a scrap with Dillon Danis. However, the fight at Misfits 004 has now been thrown into doubt after Danis claimed KSI’s camp has been trying to insert a rehydration clause into the mix late on.

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As part of his prep, KSI uploaded a video of him squatting. His form was quickly roasted, with YouTuber and bodybuilder Bradley Martyn among those criticizing his workout. 

KSI responds to Bradley Martyn roasting his workout 

In his January 3 YouTube video, KSI offered a response. Martyn said that KSI’s squat was so bad he must be “trolling”. 

KSI, though, pointed out he’s not a bodybuilder and is instead training for boxing. 

“This was my form, keep in mind I’m not a bodybuilder,” he said. “This is for boxing. Alright, this was 130kg I think, for three. So I did that and fam, let’s see what Twitter said. Bradley Martyn: “Nah you’re trolling”. Where did this smoke come from? Bradley, come on bruh.”

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Timestamp: 6:45

He claimed Bradley is “being that guy” and encouraged him to get involved in boxing himself: “I put ‘I’m not a bodybuilder Bradley’. He replies ‘I hate to be that guy’, but you’re being that guy. You’re being that guy… I’m like bro, chill. You get in the ring. You get in the ring. Let’s see how your front squat does in the ring.”

Bradley hasn’t responded to the comments but, given his physical prowess, we would love to see him get involved in a Misfits event in the near future.