KSI Plans on Pursuing Pro Boxing Career, Wants 2018 to Be Worst Year of Logan Paul's Life - Dexerto

KSI Plans on Pursuing Pro Boxing Career, Wants 2018 to Be Worst Year of Logan Paul’s Life

Published: 26/Jul/2018 9:25 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:08

by Ross Deason


KSI plans on using his fight with Logan Paul as a stepping stone to a professional boxing career and make it the worst year if his fellow YouTuber’s life in the process.

The two internet superstars are due to step into the ring on August 25 at the Manchester Arena, England, and KSI’s confidence is at an all time high.

Speaking to TMZ, the YouTuber said “I want this to be the worst year of his life, 100%. Pretty much, I want to squeeze every bit of relevancy from him and then move on to my bigger goal, which is to go pro and be a professional fighter”.

When asked whether the dislike that he has expressed is legitimate, KSI stated “I think his ego needs to be put down, like right down. He thinks he’s the shit and I’m about to fuck him up and literally put him in his place”.

KSI has fought in one ameteur boxing match, beating Joe Weller, another popular YouTuber, handily in what quickly became one of the biggest events in YouTube’s history and broke records as the biggest white collar boxing event in history.

While it might seem like a far fetched idea for an individual to go professional in boxing after just two ameteur fights and a year of training, KSI has a record of finding success in whatever he turns his attention to.

The 25-year-old, who has over 19 million subscribers on YouTube, believes it would be an “amazing story to have a YouTubing gamer, a FIFA gamer back in the day, who would never look at boxing, is now able to train for a year and a bit and literally be a professional boxer. I think that would be a huge story”.

If KSI’s day on August 25 ends with his hand held aloft, there’s no knowing what the future might hold.


Mike Majlak reveals why he’s broken up with Lana

Published: 31/Oct/2020 5:29 Updated: 31/Oct/2020 9:14

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Mike Majlak and Lana have been the sweethearts of the internet world for quite some time, but their relationship is officially over, with Mike Majlak breaking the news on YouTube.

Mike and Lana have been in a relationship together for ten months. It’s been a widely publicized roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs. However, it was one that many mutual fans loved to see.

It was also the only relationship Majlak has been involved in throughout the past decade. But sadly, not all relationships can stand the test of time, and the two of them have officially parted ways.

Mike Majlak broke the news in a YouTube video. “Never thought id ever put out a breakup video but this one was necessary,” he said. “I wanted the story told my way before others could tarnish what was an incredible relationship and part of my journey.”

In the video, Mike Majlak explains that he felt like the fans deserved an explanation since the breakup happened out of the blue. “There’s no one specific reason [for the breakup],” he said. “It wasn’t a loyalty thing.”

“The best thing about Amara [which is her real name] is that she’s so fiercely loyal,” he added. “I never once had to worry about her cheating [or] talking to any other guys. It was never about other guys.”

His comment immediately shuts down rumors and accusations that she cheated on him. It’s often the first thing people suspect when there’s a sudden breakup.

Instead, he claimed they were simply “two people who wanted vastly different things.”

Mike Majlak Lana Rhoades Breakup
Mike Majlak / Lana Rhoades
Mike and Lana’s relationship was a big feature in his content

“Amara was… obsessed with the idea of linear and traditional life and love,” he said. “She wanted to meet a guy, she wanted to settle down, she wanted to have a family and just live this kind of linear life.”

“That’s just not who I am,” he said. He also claimed she was “trying to facilitate the vision that she saw for the relationship, which was getting a house and moving in with her.”

However, while it made “made complete sense to her,” it didn’t to him, and it didn’t feel right to go ahead with it. 

In the end, there were too many signs that they wanted “two vastly different things in life” and “weren’t cut out to be together” and “go the distance.”

The breakup has been hard on them both, so to make things easier, they’ve been trying not to talk and keeping their distance.

It’s a sad end for one of the more beloved internet couples in recent times, but it’s certainly not a bitter one. The two of them have clearly thought long and hard about the decision.

In the end, it seems like calling it quits made the most sense in the long run, but they’ve parted ways on good terms.