KSI mocks Gross Gore’s ridiculous response to boxing match request

KSI, YouTube / Grossie_Gore, Twitch

YouTube star ‘KSI’ may be known for his high-profile fights against other content creators, but his beef with Twitch streamer ‘Gross Gore’ might be taking a different turn from the boxing ring.

KSI and Gross Gore’s internet feud dates back to November 2019, after the streamer begged Logan Paul to knock out his British opponent for their highly-anticipated rematch.

In response, KSI asked Gross Gore to spar him a few days later, following his split-decision victory over his rival — and the streamer was quick to reply with a unique challenge.

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Goss Gore asked that KSI give him a three-month training period to beef up before a potential match against the YouTuber, bragging that he would “shut your f**king ego down.”

However, three months have come and gone with no word of a sparring match between the two internet stars — until now. On March 2, KSI published a cheeky quote Tweet of Gross Gore’s heated video challenge towards him, writing, “Aite, it’s March. What’s up?”

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The streamer replied with yet another video in regards to KSI’s query, this time seeming to back down from his initial request for a fight and instead asking the YouTuber to fight one of his own kind — Jake Paul.

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“Shouldn’t you be fighting f**king Jake Paul?” Gross Gore asked after spouting a spew of expletives. “…you’ve ignored me for f**king months on end, and now all of a sudden you come out of the blue and you want to fight me? Jake f**king Paul called you out to fight and you went, ‘I don’t fight anymore, I do music.’”

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The streamer’s video reply also included a wealth of other insults, including a jab at KSI’s rapping skills and claims that he needed other YouTubers to make him famous; but the object of his vitriol didn’t seem to be bothered by the matter.

Instead, KSI hit back with a bemused reply, writing, “LMAO, your phone must be drenched in saliva after that. Don’t ever call me out again, you ****.”

DAZN, YouTube
KSI’s music schedule is throwing a wrench into his plans for a potential bout with Jake Paul – but it doesn’t look like his feud with Gross Gore will ever see the inside of a boxing ring.

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While his potential match with Jake Paul remains up in the air due to his tour and music schedule, it doesn’t look like this particular feud is going anywhere.

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