KSI hits back at Ricegum and accuses him of lying about earnings

Ricegum / KSI

After being called petty and having his music dissed by Ricegum, KSI has finally responded and disputed specific claims made by his former collaborator.

If you haven’t been following the KSI and Ricegum beef, kudos for having more productive distractions. If you have been following it, kudos for appreciating the art that is silly, juicy internet drama.

And, whether you’re in either camp, we’re continuing to set the table for all the spice these two former collaborators are serving up. In the latest course, KSI explains that he’s sick of Ricegum “dissing” him and “chatting s**t” about how their earnings from the “Earthquake” video were split.

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For some brief context, the pair were buddies back when they dropped the aforementioned video in 2017, but have since fallen out. The details of their debilitated relationship weren’t revealed until this week when Rice appeared on KEEMSTAR’s DramaAlert to explain the beef.

As he dictates, he wanted, but was denied, a free ticket from the British star to attend the boxing match against Logan Paul. So he accepted a free ticket from Paul, and a “petty” KSI then unfollowed Rice on social media and deleted their video (before re-uploading it because it had gotten so many views). 

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But KSI now refutes those claims and rebukes that he simply got sick of him trying to attack the UK YouTuber’s music: “Rice, I unfollowed you because you’ve been dissing me.”

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To start things off, KSI reacted to the unfollowing claims by showing that he hadn’t actually unfollowed Rice on everything — something he quickly fixed by unfollowing Rice’s Twitter.

Then, in response to the claim that he re-uploaded the video just for the views, he simply decided to show how little he cares by sharing his screen and deleting the video permanently. 

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While Rice believed the Paul invitation to be the source of KSI’s ire, the latter explains that it was actually caused by two disses: a line from his “DaAdult” track and a quote from his podcast appearance, in which he asserts “I feel like my songs are better than [KSI’s].” 

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But one, particularly juicy issue requires the talents of fact-checkers. Ricegum cited that, when asked about splitting the earnings, he told KSI “Just keep it, man. I don’t even want anything … just give me a feature back.”

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The Brit says this is nonsense, and that he’s “pretty sure” the split was “50-50,” that the YouTuber “got paid for the track” and is “still getting paid for the track.” 

While both come out of this seeming fairly petty, that does make for quality drama. Ricegum has yet to respond to this earnings dispute, but it may be time to break out the paperwork and settle the facts.

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