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KSI hits back at Jake Paul’s claims that he ducked potential boxing match

Published: 24/Jun/2021 0:32

by Virginia Glaze


British YouTube star KSI is hitting back at rival influencer Jake Paul, who accused him of repeatedly ducking his requests for a boxing match… despite Paul saying he wasn’t interested in throwing down.

Jake Paul and KSI are two uber-popular content creators who have taken the boxing world by storm. KSI’s infamous showdowns with Logan Paul, as well as Jake Paul’s repeated victories over top athletes, have placed them firmly on the map in the historic sport.

Initially, it seemed a bout between Jake Paul and KSI was in the cards, thanks to Jake’s heated confrontation with his British rival after his victory over AnEsonGib last year.


Amidst the ever-rising hype, the global health crisis occurred, prompting KSI to cite health concerns — and his busy music career — as reasons for putting their bout on pause for the time being.

Some time after this, Jake Paul claimed he was “done” talking about a match with KSI; until, that is, KSI appeared to agree to a fight with Austin McBroom, who recently won his bout against Bryce Hall in the YouTubers vs TikTokers event.

Paul was quick to call out KSI on social media, writing in a scathing tweet: “Lol. KSI immediately jumping at the opportunity to fight Austin. I guess ‘music tours’ and ‘[redacted]’ were only in the way of him fighting me.”


A few days later, KSI has finally replied to Jake’s callour, and his comeback used Jake’s own words against him.

KSI replied to Jake’s tweet with an older video of the American influencer responding to KSI asking him if he wanted to fight or not.

“I want a straight answer,” KSI asked. “Yes, let’s have a boxing match, or no, I’m a p**y.”

“No, I’m a p**y,” Paul replied. “I’m not boxing you, KSI!”

While Paul has been adamant about not boxing folks without enough ‘clout’ in the past, it seems that the YouTuber has historically gone back and forth on whether or not KSI is worth his time — but KSI has claimed he is eager to fight Jake once his current musical success has simmered down.