KSI hits back at Jake & Logan Paul after Impaulsive podcast roast

Instagram: ksi, loganpaul

After being roasted by brothers Jake and Logan Paul on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast, KSI has hit back, calling out Jake’s “trash” music and laughing off Logan’s claims that Impaulsive is “the number one podcast in the world.”

KSI has had a long-running feud with the Paul brothers, with a positive boxing record against Logan and a highly-anticipated future matchup in the works with Jake.

More recently, though, music has been the main source of discussion surrounding these artists, with KSI releasing his first EP and a bunch of singles, followed by Jake releasing recent track ‘Fresh Outta London’.

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KSI blue lamborghiniInstagram: ksi
KSI has seen a fair amount of commercial success with his music, especially in the UK.

After KSI accused Jake of having a ghostwriter, the younger Paul brother denied the claims and, soon after, went on the Impaulsive podcast, where the music and beef between the two played a focal point in discussions.

It’s fair to say that the Pauls didn’t have a particularly positive outlook on KSI’s most recent single, Lighter, which is currently his highest-charting song yet, saying that while it’s a good track, his verse “sucks,” with Logan saying he “took a step back” with Lighter.

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They also questioned his lyricism as well as how much success he’s really seeing with his musical efforts and, as expected, KSI didn’t take it kindly.

After the brothers accused KSI of having “hundreds of writers” on his songs, the Brit simply explained his writing process — including writing everything himself — and pulled apart Jake, Logan, and their work.

He kicks off the video addressing Logan’s claims that Impaulsive is the “number one podcast in the world,” looking at where it stands on the iTunes and Spotify UK charts (uncharted and 47th respectively), before explaining his lyrics and why they actually showcase his lyricism.

Amid calling Jake’s music trash, accusing him of having ghostwriters and questioning his life decisions, KSI turns his attention to Logan and Impaulsive co-host Mike Majlak, too.

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“It’s such a shame,” he says. “Whenever Mike and Logan are together, especially on Impaulsive, it’s actually somewhat watchable. But then as soon as Jake arrives… Logan just drops down to Jake’s level and becomes as stupid as him.”

KSI then pulls up a number of comments on the video, suggesting a very similar line of thinking: that Jake’s presence is a negative on what Logan says and how he acts.

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Obviously this feud isn’t dying down any time soon, but their fight may have to be put on hold after Jake’s Calabasas home was raided by the FBI on August 5.