KSI hits back at claims of “ducking” AnEsonGib for boxing match

Zackerie Fairfax
KSI talks about Jake PaulYouTube: KSI

Following AnEsonGib’s win over McBroom on September 11, KSI has been under fire as many fans feel the YouTuber turned boxer has been “ducking” a match against Gib.

While he may not be credited by many due to his loss, AnEsonGib helped pioneer influencer boxing with his first match against Jake Paul. And while he continued to fight after the loss, his career as a fighter would be overshadowed by the likes of Jake, Logan, and KSI.

That was until September 11 when Gib would fight was the Main Event against Austin McBroom during the Social Gloves event. And with an electric win over the CEO of Social Gloves, the internet exploded with a newfound respect for the influencer.

Immediately, boxing fans began to demand a rematch between Gib and Jake Paul. But KSI would take to Twitter to congratulate his friend’s victory while also throwing out the possibility of a fight between himself and Gib as well as Gib vs Slim in January.

KSI addresses fans saying he “ducked” Gib fight

While many fans don’t want to see KSI fight Gib because of their friendship, others felt KSI was “ducking” a fight with Gib by attempting to set him up against Slim. This comes after KSI tweeted that he wanted to face the winner of the McBroom vs Gib matchup.

KSI responded to the backlash on Twitter after a user commented, “Reddit ain’t happy bruh.”

“Honestly don’t care. People forget that I’m always gonna do what I wanna do (that’s why I’ve been this successful for so long), but they’ll see when I post,” KSI replied.

The backlash also came after KSI tweeted calling himself one of the “most dangerous boxers” as they saw his comment as egotistical. Fans expressed how they felt KSI was taking AnEsonGib’s spotlight by trying to lift himself up.

A user replied to KSI, “Nowadays a lot of people feel like you can’t back yourself up or talk in a positive way about yourself even when people are slandering your name.”

To which KSI added, “I don’t mind being the only one that backs myself because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.”

So, while his fans may not be happy with his tweets following Gib’s big win, it doesn’t seem to phase KSI in the slightest.