KSI Finally Announces Release Date for the “Can’t Lose” Documentary About His Fight With Joe Weller

KSI has finally announced the release date for his highly anticipated “Can’t Lose” documentary which follows him through his journey for the record breaking boxing fight against Joe Weller.

The KSI versus Joe Weller fight was one of the most significant moments in the history of YouTube as the two content creators broke the record for biggest white collar boxing event in history.

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KSI eventually won the contest convincingly and he is already preparing for a second fight which will be against Logan Paul at the Manchester Arena on August 25th.

However, KSI still has one more loose end to tie up in regards to his Joe Weller fight as the feature length documentary chronicling his preparation, training, and the fight itself, is finally ready for release.

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Some fans may have forgotten that the documentary was even in the making as it has been so long since KSI originally announced it, but most have been eagerly waiting for an update on its progress for months.

Well, the wait is over. In a recent YouTube video, KSI apologised for the wait but announced that the delay for Can’t Lose was due to the decision about where it would be distributed but now it  is ready for release in partnership with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment:

“When we started making the movie, and even when we finished making it, we really weren’t sure where it would live. On TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, DVD, Cinemas, etc.

Well, finally, and I repeat, FINALLY, after a long time ladies and gentlemen I can announce that Sony have taken our baby and we’re gonna be releasing it on digital download for all to see.”

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Can’t Lose will last around 70 minutes and is available now for pre-order. It can be downloaded on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video and will go live worldwide on August 10th.

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The documentary will also cover some of KSI’s early preparation for his fight against Logan Paul so it isn’t something that you’ll want to miss!

The full video announcement and information on “Can’t Lose” can be found below.