KSI explains why he can never be “canceled”

Published: 21/Feb/2020 20:21

by Virginia Glaze


Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji is one of YouTube’s biggest creators, having also made the jump to professional boxing and even topping the charts in the UK’s music industry — but despite his status as a social media star, he’s confident he’ll never get “canceled” online.

With the rise of social media has likewise come the popularly-dubbed “cancel culture,” where celebrities and internet entertainers will be publicly shamed over their older posts due to allegedly problematic material.

While some of these callouts may be justifiable, a large swath of the internet has taken issue with the practice, claiming that users merely want to rage at the expense of others — but KSI isn’t so sure he’ll ever face such backlash.

KSI, Instagram
YouTube star “KSI” has a unique reason why he think’s he’ll never be canceled on social media.

The YouTuber explained his stance on the matter in a Tweet on February 21, for which he had an odd justification; his name.

According to the celeb, his name isn’t recognizable by Twitter as a “trendable” word since it’s in another language, making it difficult for the site’s algorithm to make him a trending topic that will reach users worldwide.

“The amazing thing about my name ‘KSI’ is that it can’t trend lol,” he wrote. “Since it’s a word in another language, Twitter doesn’t recognise it as a trendable word. So I can never get cancelled.”

Although this caused a slew of fans preemptively asking him to delete the post, KSI has been positively received in comparison to his infamous YouTube rivals, Jake and Logan Paul.

In fact, Jake Paul recently went viral across Twitter due to his divisive post about anxiety, which many critics claimed was making the condition seem like the fault of those who suffer from it, due to his line, “Anxiety is created by you.”

Jake Paul, Twitter
Team 10 founder Jake Paul came under fire after his Tweet about anxiety went viral online.

It seems highly likely that KSI’s own Tweet was made in response to the ongoing drama around Jake’s anxiety post, which he responded to in an episode of Logan Paul’s ‘imPaulsive’ podcast, claiming, “I don’t know what the f**k I’m doing. I understand that and I get that, but you can’t be f**king perfect.”

With a potential boxing match coming up between KSI and Jake Paul, only time will tell if his controversial Tweet will become a potential talking point in their inevitable press conference.


Former Overwatch pro Ryuhejong suspended from Gen.G following Twitch drama

Published: 19/Jan/2021 21:43

by Bill Cooney


Former Overwatch League star Jehong ‘Ryujehong’ Ryu has been suspended from the Gen.G organization after reportedly making sexist comments on stream.

Widely regarded as one of the best Ana and flex support players around, Ryujehong is a familiar name to any Overwatch esports fan. He was one of the most popular players in OWL before stepping away from the competitive scene after the Vancouver Titans nuked their roster back in May 2020.

On January 11, 2021, Gen.G announced that RJH would be joining their org as a content creator, which makes sense, as he was a figurehead for the org’s Seoul Dynasty squad during the League’s first two seasons.

Following what was a very short honeymoon period, the Korean-based org has now suspended Ryu for sexist comments he made on stream that quickly caught the attention of social media, as you can see below:

On January 16, Jehong streamed alongside a female streamer named Haegi, and reportedly made a number of sexist comments towards her multiple times, and even called her out for interrupting him, claiming that women shouldn’t interrupt men.

Since the stream happened the VOD has been deleted, but this is the internet, and the comments were quickly translated into English, kicking off the storm of social media backlash.

On January 19, Gen.G’s Chief Operating Officer Arnold Hur announced that the org was suspending Ryujehong “indefinitely” due to his on stream-comments.

“I’m personally very disappointed in the language used during the stream by Jehong. He was wrong, and I find it uncharacteristic of the person I knew who has always been a considerate, kind-hearted teammate,” Hur wrote. “Our belief is that whether you are a player or streamer, anybody with a platform should understand the responsibility of the higher standards that come with it. As such, we have suspended all of Jehong’s team-related activities indefinitely.”

Like Hur mentioned, Jehong did put out an apology of his own after the firestorm started, where he apologized for what he said, and promised to watch how he speaks in the future, but added he won’t be censoring himself either, according to a translation provided by @hannahhycho on Twitter.

“I am trying to move my streams towards the streamer Ryujehong. I know there are many people who used to watch my old streams who are struggling to adjust to the chat and are confused by the fact I will be using ‘streamer memes’ but I hope you can understand,” RJH wrote, according to the translation. “From now on, I will listen to feedback for my streams and chat to develop them further… I saw some messages from people who aren’t my fans and I want to tell them to stop fanning the flames.”

Just in case there weren’t enough wrinkles to this story, Haegi, the female streamer who was broadcasting with Ryujehong when the incident took place, has come out and defended him according to translations by Reddit user Great-Reno, saying they were bantering back and forth and what happened wasn’t what it seemed.

“Why RJH gets all the blame when I made sexist jokes with him either? This is a bit undeserved,” Haegi said in a YouTube video posted after the outrage began, according to the translation. “I’m cool with it. Why does it matter when the person involved with the matter feels okay? I don’t see why people get offended by this. Live in comfort please.”

Opinion from the female streamer that RJH was with from Competitiveoverwatch

Now, even if it just was some friendly banter back and forth, the kind of language Ryujehong apparently used just doesn’t fly when you’re signed to a major esports org like Gen.G, and is also a huge disappointment to the greater Overwatch community who saw him as a role model, and just a genuine, stand-up dude.

It remains to be seen when or if RJH will return from his suspension to being an active member of Gen.G.