KSI confirms he’s back with girlfriend in new Amazon documentary

KSI back together with girlfriend new documentaryYouTube: JJ Olatunji

YouTube star KSI confirmed that he’s back together with his former girlfriend after the pair parted ways in 2021, which was revealed at the end of his new Amazon documentary.

Influencer, rapper, and boxer JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji is making huge waves after his return to the boxing ring last year.

After a two-year break from combat sports, during which he focused on his music career, KSI made a bombastic return in August 2022, defeating two opponents in the span of one event.

Since then, he’s gone on to defeat FaZe Temperrr in another boxing match, and is currently putting out feelers for three upcoming fights in 2023… and now, he’s even got his own documentary on Amazon Prime.

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KSI interview following FaZe Temperrr fightMisfits Boxing
KSI is one of the most prominent influencer-boxers in the scene.

The doc, titled ‘In Real Life,’ follows KSI’s journey during his sold-out musical tour of Europe, and even gives fans an inside look into his personal life — including his romantic prospects.

Although KSI has always been a bit cagey about revealing any information about his partners, it was known that the YouTuber had a secret girlfriend for some time. However, in 2021, the rapper sparked concern from fans after posting and deleting a “single and alone” message to his Instagram stories.

KSI is back together with girlfriend after 2021 breakup

He did later confirm that he was single and hasn’t said much about his love life since then, but it looks like he didn’t need to.

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At the very end of his new documentary, KSI is seen holding hands with a woman sitting out of frame of the camera. Text then rolls up onto the screen, which reads, “After months of talking, JJ and his girlfriend are now back together.”

For now, it’s still uncertain who, exactly, KSI is dating, as the YouTuber still hasn’t opened up about his romantic relationships publicly, seeming to prefer to keep that side of his life private.

Fans can watch KSI’s documentary over on Amazon Prime for more behind-the-scenes scoops on their favorite influencer-boxer.