KSI claims he turned down $10 million deal for his own podcast

KSI podcastYouTube: The Fellas

During a guest appearance on a podcast, KSI briefly discussed an offer where the company offered him £10 million to host a regularly scheduled podcast.

Popular internet star KSI featured on The Fellas podcast on August 22, where the boxing content creator revealed to Calfreezy and Josh the biggest deal he ever rejected.

The conversation started when Calfreezy asked KSI, “What’s the biggest thing you said no to?”

KSI pauses to think, then replies “10 plus million.” The hosts are shocked. “You said no to ten plus million?

“What industry was it in, the company that offered you the 10+ million?” Cohost Josh chimes in. “It was f**king p*rn wasn’t it?”

KSI reveals details of $10m project he rejected

KSI promptly denies that possibility. The hosts continue asking questions, attempting to find out exactly what the big deal KSI rejected was.

While throwing out questions, one of the hosts asks if the company asked KSI for podcasting. The famous boxing YouTuber nods.

“You’re telling me we could potentially had a KSI podcast?”

KSI gets into more details about the rejected opportunity. “I think it was either one a week, or one every two weeks.”

The clip doesn’t delve into why KSI rejected the deal, or even who offered him the deal for £10 million. Check out the full podcast here.

Fans in the YouTube comments suspect the company was Spotify. Others are speculating KSI avoided the podcast because of his other life ventures. A weekly podcast would require commitment from KSI.