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KSI called out for ‘ungrateful’ response to street mural of himself

Published: 6/Sep/2020 1:12

by Alan Bernal


One of YouTube’s biggest creators, Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji, is taking a lot of heat for his ‘ungrateful’ response to a massive mural of himself made special for one of his fans.

The YouTuber was tagged on an incredible portrait, but the face of the Sidemen was more curious about the purpose of the painting rather than the voicing his praise for the craft, and people quickly took notice.

“Painted for my daughter at my Ladywell wall,” artist Lionel Stanhope said while featuring a larger-than-life creation in honor of the famous content creator. KSI noticed the painting, and replied in kind: “Why would your daughter want you to do this?” with laughing emojis.


The YouTuber found the gesture a bit humorous, but his reaction hit a soft spot with onlookers who took issue with how he reacted.

“She’s probably a fan of you dawg,” one person told KSI. “You gotta start appreciating the things some people do for you in your Reddit videos as well. Trashing a lot of talented people that put effort and time into giving you a piece of their art and you just ignore that to clown them in any way…”

More people were memeing the YouTuber for his response, with some people thinking that his reply was a bit disparaging to the artist that actually got the mural up regardless of its purpose.


“Mate, he spent ages doing that. Show a bit of decency,” another person said, with other accounts also expressing similar sentiments.

The 27-year-old YouTuber has been known to make hilarious digs at his own expense, but most people didn’t believe this occasion merited that kind of retort.

That said, not everyone was convinced that KSI was bashing on the painting; one user pointed out that he may be making fun of his own image being portrayed in an impressive way rather than the mural itself: “I’m pretty sure he’s calling himself ugly lmao.”

As to why Stanhope’s daughter would want this portrait made, one person said, “Because you (KSI) are a hero in many of our lives, and without knowing you personally it can get hard to show our respect and how thankful we are.”


The star YouTuber has yet to respond to the backlash, but until then, there’s been plenty of people filing in to commend the artist for his efforts.