KSI bashes Jake Paul as weight dispute threatens potential boxing match

KSI reveals reason alex wassabi pulled out of boxing matchYouTube: FLAGRANT

YouTuber, boxer, and music star KSI has once more hit out at Jake Paul as weight disputes threaten their potential boxing match later this year.

It’s been five years since KSI’s and Jake Paul’s feud first began after the Brit called out the Paul brothers in front of millions worldwide.

Now, KSI vs Jake Paul is arguably one of the most anticipated fights of 2023 — as the two YouTube stars promised fans they’d finally come to blows later this year.

However, it’s becoming more and more unlikely that we’ll see the pair touch gloves, as weight disputes threaten their bout.

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In a February 4 tweet, KSI’s manager MamsTaylor noted a key difference between the two YouTuber’s weights and explained how it wouldn’t be fair for either of them to go up or down significantly.

“Ideal fight weight for Jake is 185. For JJ it’s 170. It wouldn’t be fair for either fighter to go up or down that much,” his manager wrote. “They naturally have a big weight difference between them.

“Meet in the middle. Make it fair. Make it work.”

KSI then hit out at Jake, noting that he once claimed he’d fight the Brit at any weight. “Remember when Jake said he would fight me at any weight? Or do all Jake Paul fans have memory loss?”

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Mams isn’t the only one to point out the differences. Recently, KSI’s former coach Viddal and his current fitness trainer Leon laid out why they think weight disputes will make the fight hard to negotiate.

It’s clear that both sides are eager to step into the ring, but we’ll just have to wait and see how things unfold.