KSI admits he and Logan Paul got discount on viral PRIME Super Bowl commercial

KSI says he and Logan Paul got discount on prime super bowl commercialYouTube: Logan Paul

YouTube star KSI revealed he and business partner Logan Paul scored a discount on their multi million-dollar PRIME Hydration commercial at Super Bowl LVII.

KSI and Logan Paul have transitioned from being full-time content creators to white-collar boxers and businessmen.

Although their rivalry was infamous back in its heyday, the two made up following their boxing rematch in 2019 and kicked off 2022 with a joint project that no one expected: PRIME Hydration.

PRIME Hydration has enjoyed massive success among the masses, being sold at major retailers like Target, Kroger, Walmart, and more in the United States. Now with a PRIME Energy drink in the mix, alongside individual flavor packets, PRIME is doing big things… but perhaps none so big as its Super Bowl commercial.

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KSI says he and Logan Paul scored Super Bowl ad discount

In 2023, Logan and KSI appeared on the big screen for Super Bowl LVII in one of the event’s iconic advertisements, which, according to estimates, cost anywhere from $6 -$7 million.

It was a big spend for the PRIME brand — but KSI says that he and Logan were lucky enough to score a discount to land their primetime ad.

“How much did you guys spend on that Super Bowl ad?” a host asked on an episode of the Zach Sang Show.

“Uh, not 7 mil,” KSI laughed in response. “But we got a little discount. It was still a lot. It was still millions.”

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“Me and Logan were reacting to it on IMPAULSIVE, and it’s just gas, bro,” he continued. “I was just like, ‘What the f*ck is my life man?'”

He and Logan weren’t the only influencers to appear in a Super Bowl ad this year, either; major YouTube star MrBeast also showed up in an advertisement featuring flag football powerhouse Diana Flores.

MrBeast had actually bandied about the idea of a Super Bowl commercial back in the days of PewDiePie vs T-Series, but said the cost was too much to take at that time in his career. Who knows — maybe next year he’ll finally be able to air his hilarious Feastables ad that he almost showed off at the big game.

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