KSI addresses pregnancy scare rumors with shocking story

. 3 years ago
KSI, YouTube / Adobe Stock

Popular YouTuber Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji has officially addressed rumors of a pregnancy scare as alleged by his younger Deji, during their month-long feud in late 2018.

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KSI told a surprising story about such an instance during a KFC ‘Mukbang’ video uploaded on January 16, where he claimed that he’d slept with an unnamed woman – without protection.

“There’s this girl who I slept with… didn’t wear a condom, for some reason,” KSI began. “…and then bro, I shit you not fam, she hit me with the, ‘We need to talk,’ message a few days after.”

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Much to KSI’s relief, the woman in question wasn’t pregnant after all – although their relationship didn’t end up panning out after the scare.

“We were talking and she was like, ‘I think I’m pregnant. I think I’m pregnant,’” KSI continued. “And I’m like, ‘I’m here for you anyway.’ …and she was like, ‘Oh, wait, I’m not… we should still hang out after.’ And I’m like, ‘Peace!’”

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Deji initially alleged that KSI had impregnated a girl during his response to a diss track made by KSI’s cameraman, Randolph, who had accused Deji of the same offense during the song.

“The only person who’s ever got a girl pregnant is my brother, alright?” Deji said of the track. “My brother’s got someone pregnant, and I imagine it was probably JJ [KSI] who gave you some shit information, cause that’s what JJ’s probably done.”

The two brothers have since squashed their beef, after Deji uploaded an apology video in early January and deleted his diss track against KSI.

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