KSI accuses Jake Paul of being "racist" ahead of boxing match - Dexerto

KSI accuses Jake Paul of being “racist” ahead of boxing match

Published: 14/May/2020 0:12 Updated: 18/May/2020 12:48

by Virginia Glaze


British YouTube star KSI has made no secret of his dislike fellow content creator Jake Paul, a beef that exploded after KSI’s win over Logan Paul in 2019 — but there’s more to his hatred of the youngest Paul brother than just his content.

KSI opened up about his feud with the Team 10 founder in a May 13 episode of KEEMSTAR and FaZe Banks’ ‘Mom’s Basement’ podcast, where he put Jake Paul at the top of his list of most-hated YouTubers.

When asked to explain why he had such a vitriolic distaste for Paul, KSI cited his general attitude and even accused the star of racism, claiming he’d used racial slurs on multiple occasions.


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DAZN, YouTube
Jake Paul and KSI faced off after Paul’s win over AnEsonGib in January, further solidifying a potential fight between the two stars.

“Just his whole demeanor, how he is,” KSI answered. “He’s racist. Like, mad times he says the n-word. Bro, he’s just an a**hole. Even his video about him just beating up that dude — who you could tell doesn’t know how to box, has no idea how to box — and Jake’s just f**king him up.”

“As a boxer, as a professional boxer, you should never do something like that, man,” he continued. “You don’t need to prove that you’re sick, if that makes sense, to someone who doesn’t know how to box.”


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While Jake Paul has yet to respond to KSI’s accusations, these claims add further fuel to the fire of their already electrifying feud, which nearly got physical on the night of Paul’s victory over AnEsonGib in January.

With the two almost going head-to-head in the ring, fans were quick to ask for a fight between the YouTubers as a way to officially end the beef between KSI and the Paul brothers, a possibility that Jake later confirmed in an Instagram story that laid out their fight for New York’s Madison Square garden.


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Jake Paul, Instagram
While Jake Paul revealed that his fight with KSI is set to take place in New York’s Madison Square Garden, KSI reiterated that the ball is ultimately in his court.

However, KSI was quick to note that the ball is in his court — although he also mentioned that their fight “needs” to happen, as stated in the Mom’s Basement podcast episode.

As the flames of their feud grow ever higher, fans can only watch and wait for further details on their upcoming boxing match that will put an end to their years-long conflict.