KSI accidentally reveals that Behzinga was asked to be on Love Island

Behzinga Love IslandLove Island on ITV2 / Gymshark

Love Island has become one of the most popular shows not only in the UK but worldwide, with multiple international variations across several countries entertaining millions of fans — and we may have almost ended up seeing Sidemen’s Ethan ‘Behzinga’ Payne on the show too.

The Sidemen have become arguably one of the biggest influencer collectives on the planet. Hailing from the UK, they’ve managed to break boundaries and continuously exceed the expectations set of them.

This is no more clear than in KSI’s success. While they’re all successful in their own right, KSI has become one of the biggest names on the internet, with major success in music and boxing as well as his YouTube career.

So, looking to capitalize on these guys’ growing popularity, the Love Island producers apparently wanted fitness fanatic Behzinga to appear on the show.

Behzinga instagram photo by poolInstagram: behzingagram
Behzinga has become a wildly popular YouTuber and an appearance on Love Island would be very mutually beneficial.

Behzinga has become a clear fan favorite, with his health and weight loss journey becoming a huge hallmark of his online persona — and this is clearly something that wasn’t lost on the Love Island creators.

During a Sidemen Sunday video, the news came out with the boys enjoying a hot tub mukbang and Behzinga himself not in attendance for personal reasons. “If one of us went on Love Island, who would it be if we were all single?” asked Simon ‘Miniminter’ Minter, obviously not expecting any leaks.

KSI, though, hadn’t thought that far ahead. “You know Ethan got asked?” he proclaimed to the group, before Simon said that he “wasn’t sure if they were allowed to say that.”

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Despite that, they all agreed that Behzinga would be the best fit for a show like Love Island, and that it would be “the best thing ever” if someone they knew went on the show.

Love Island has actually been a great stepping stone for contestants to forge careers both online and on TV too.

The current crop of Love Island UK members all have thriving TikTok accounts when they leave the villa, but for someone like Behzinga who’s already super popular, you’ve got to question how much it would help.