Kroger shopper “banned for life” after prank on mom goes viral

TikTok: awandererswonder

A TikToker has apparently been “banned for life” from her local Kroger after she played a prank on her mom who was shopping there at the time. 

When it comes to going viral online, one of the surefire ways that people have used repeatedly are pranks on their family. Whether it’s on their parents, siblings, or cousins, it doesn’t matter – the internet loves a good family prank. 

They’ve become a sub-genre on TikTok too, as it’s hard to scroll through your For Your Page without seeing someone trying to pull a fast one over someone else. 

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However, in the case of TikToker awandererswonder, her viral video landed her in hot water with her local Kroger store after she pranked her mom with a creepy note right out of the movie The Ring, even though her mom enjoyed it. 

Kroger bans TikToker for life over viral prank video

The TikToker first went viral back on February 8, when she uploaded the video of her putting a note reading ‘7 Days’ on her mom’s car after she spotted it in the parking lot. 

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The mother and daughter pair laughed it off “for an hour” but Kroger employees didn’t find it funny. awandererswonder followed up on the clip, showing an exchange with an employee in the parking lot. 

“Mam, I told you once and I’ll tell you again, I’m sorry, you’re banned from Kroger for life. You can’t be putting notes on people’s cars, it’s not ok,” the employee said, despite the TikToker’s protesting that it was a joke. The Kroger worker also noted that the punishment had been handed down from corporate managers too, so they were serious about it. 

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Plenty of viewers were on the TikTokers said, with many telling stories about their ‘bans’ that haven’t lasted all that long. 

“I been banned from Kroger 3 times and go whenever I feel like Iike it,” said one. “I was banned from Kroger as a teen “ for life “ and then they gave me a job ten years later,” added another. “Get it on paper or it’s not legal,” suggested another. 

The TikToker has said she’ll give updates on the situation, and viewers are clearly eager to see where it goes.

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