KristoferYee claims Sykkuno was offered “ridiculous” amount to leave Twitch for YouTube

Sykkuno-kristoferyee-youtube-dealYouTube: Sykkuno / Twitch: KristoferYee

KristoferYee claims Sykkuno was offered a “ridiculous” amount of money to sign an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube, and that it made “no sense” for him to stay with Twitch.

On May 2, Sykkuno announced a shock move to YouTube after months of speculation about his future. He followed in the footsteps of other former Twitch streamers, including Ludwig, DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and Valkyrae.

KristoferYee, a popular streamer known for making custom PCs and keyboards, has dabbled in a bit of GTA RP with Sykkuno from time to time. During his latest stream, he claimed Sykkuno was offered a “ridiculous” amount of money to jump ship.

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sykkuno youtube gamingSykkuno Twitch / YouTube
Sykkuno signed an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube.

“I became aware that Sykkuno was going to YouTube,” he said. “I’d heard about the different numbers and what was being offered, and I was like, damn!” — referring to how absurd the numbers apparently were.

“I don’t want to get into specifics. But Sykkuno, the deal that he was offered from Twitch versus YouTube was f**king insane. It was absolutely ridiculous. It made absolutely no sense for him to stay on Twitch. It made none.

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KristoferYee stressed how massive that difference was. “There was no amount of money. There was no contract deal. There were no gifted subs that could have been given to him that would have justified that contract.”

He also explained how it’d left him feeling “confused” about Twitch’s streamer retention strategy moving forward. “I think Twitch is putting a lot of pressure and belief to figure out how to make this company profitable.”

“However, the thing that I find very confusing is that, in the pursuit of Twitch trying to become profitable, they are also losing people on this platform that bring their consumers to this website, like Sykkuno.”

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What’s more, Disguised Toast revealed that “at least five more people” he knows will be leaving Twitch to sign exclusive deals with YouTube in the near future. So, perhaps they’re throwing more lucrative offers around.

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