Korean Twitch streamers go viral with completely bizarre goose dance

Twitch streamers dance together with a stuffed goose, alongside the Twitch logoTwitch: 득털

Two Korean Twitch streamers have gone inexplicably viral after they danced together in a huge pair of trousers, along with a stuffed goose, leading to some bizarre but equally as hilarious content.

While Twitch is often known for being a gaming staple, the Just Chatting category has also proven to be immensely popular, allowing people to get creative with their non-gaming content. Though it’s safe to say that sometimes things can get a little weird, leading to some very entertaining viral clips.

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From being attacked by geese to exploding watermelons, the category always proves to be a goldmine of content internationally, and occasionally a clip will emerge and go viral with zero context, making it all the funnier.

Streamer Lee Sang Deuk poses in front of a table full of foodInstagram: lsd.818
Lee Sang Deuk makes a variety of different content on both Twitch and YouTube.

Deukteol (득털) didn’t expect to go quite so viral when he decided to do a bizarre dance with his friend on stream on November 15, but everyone was glad for the clip which was equal parts wholesome and weird.

In the background, the Eurovision song ‘Run Away’ by the Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira is playing, most well known for the saxophone loop that promptly became a meme after the 2010 contest.

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The two men are squeezed into the same bright blue spotty trousers, a hilarious contrast to their cloth-less top halves.

They also, for some reason, have what appears to be a soft toy goose stuffed into the front of the trousers, making for a rather bizarre sight indeed. As they danced they were smiling from ear to ear, consumed by the weirdness of it all.

Unfortunately, the original VOD of the stream appears to no longer exist, meaning that the context behind how exactly they got to that point in the stream is lost. Though some may say that the lack of context only makes it better.

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The bizarre clip has now accumulated over 84,000 views too, as viewers are obsessed with these friends, their bright blue trousers, and their stuffed goose.

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